About Us

SKIVEES, Why Skivees?  You have to ask?  It started out as a silly name and it  just caught on said Nick Rusho, drummer and lead vocal. Now we like the popularity of it and it would be weird to use anything else.
The SKIVEES took off when the two brothers were ages 9 and 8, Nick Rusho and his brother Trevor Rusho, bass guitar and lead vocal, started picking up their dad's gear and playing around. Next thing we knew we were playing simple songs like Louie Louie. We played a few times with dad at car shows and parties. Great fun, again, again.
We had our equipment set up in the living room of the house and you couldn't walk by without playing a few minutes, or hours! said Trevor. I had my tenth birthday party at our house and the gear was sitting there. One of the kids said he could play guitar.  Most say they can play, or say they have a guitar at home but this guy could play and was the parent replacement.  We now had three of us heading into the fifth and sixth grade playing rock an roll. It was a cool school year, we played for the whole school the last day, kicking out ZZ Top and other band's music.
If I was to say what we sound like or who we are close to, says Nick, A cross between blues and classic rock. It's a comfortable combination that works. When you hear the Skivees play you get this taste in your mouth that's refreshing but a familiar one. It's fun to watch people walk into a room hearing the music and when they see young kids kicking out classic rock or blues, the look is priceless. We sometimes change the words a bit to match the age of the crowd said Trevor. Mom say's no bad words if kids are present. OK MOM. 
Seriously though, 

Skivees have brought back the songs that the parents remember but their generation are loving because of guitar hero. If we hear a newer song that matches our sound we add it to the list. We try to make our originals feel catchy and modern without losing a classic blues undertone says Nick.  How do you do that?  I don't know, we just do it. 

By the time the boys were 13 and 14 they were playing at blues festivals and summer gatherings throughout the Pacific Northwest connecting the younger generation to music the older generations have grown to love. Working with area schools to bring the program "Blues in Schools" The Skivees teach a brief history of blues by connecting music to kids in a way only kids can do. Being brought under the wings by area blues artists has made the Skivees a performing stage band with excitement and antics you have to see.

In the spring of 2014 their guitar player decided to leave the band and step out of the spotlight. Nick and Trevor wished him well in his adventures and continued through the year playing the scheduled events with other seasoned musicians which gave them the needed experience to move forward professionally.  This allowed Nick to step up to the front of the stage as a front man playing harmonica,keyboards and guitar with Trevor playing bass and lead guitar. 

In the fall of 2014 Nick and Trevor auditioned numerous guitar players looking for the right fit who had the same music style and dedication. After reaching out to bigger cities they found what they needed in their own back yard.  Guitarist Richard "Ricki" Biggs lived in Priest River Idaho and was following the Skivees scene.  Being in the same high school classes as Trevor and Nick and already knowing the originals was an instant fit.  "It's great playing music that I enjoy and listen to such as Grand Funk and Cream" Richard said.

Moving ahead Skivees work on new material for a studio CD and play for special events for charity organizations that benefit children and kid groups such as Kidstock and Youth Emergency Services.  We now know the direction we want to go and have the right vehicle to get there.  Give us a call and let's ride. 

Trevor Rusho,  16 YOA,   Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals, Back Vocals.

Nick Rusho,     17 YOA,   Drums, Lead Vocals, Back Vocals, Keyboards, Harmonica

Richard Biggs, 16 YOA,  Guitar, Back Vocals. 

Check out the Skivee's for a great time, Coming soon to a gig near you.